The Perfect Husband Coming to Blu-ray from Artspolitation Films

Bloody Thriller Proves Marriage Can Be Murder! A married couple’s weekend romantic getaway turns disturbingly violent in this nightmarish descent into madness. “Stylish, beautiful and brutal…unsettling and genuinely eerie, certainly a contender for indie horror of the year.” wrote The English-language The Perfect Husband is coming out on DVD and Blu-ray (and exclusive streamingContinue reading “The Perfect Husband Coming to Blu-ray from Artspolitation Films”

Observance Coming to Blu-ray from Artspolitation Films

Psychological Horror Thriller OBSERVANCE to be Released on DVD/Blu-ray With the dread-infused claustrophobia of Polanski’s The Tenant, the taut voyeurism of Hitchcock’s Rear Window, and the horrific visuals founds in the works of Cronenberg, Joseph Sims-Dennett’s Observance is one seriously intense thriller. The psychological horror tale involves a private detective who, hired to watch aContinue reading “Observance Coming to Blu-ray from Artspolitation Films”

Artsploitation Acquires THE ANATOMY OF MONSTERS

Artsploitation Films Picks Up American Indie Horror The Anatomy of Monsters Cannes, May 12, 2016 – Artsploitation Films has announced that is has acquired the North American rights to the edgy and dark American independent film The Anatomy of Monsters directed by Seattle-based filmmaker Byron C. Miller. The film revolves around a seemingly normal yetContinue reading “Artsploitation Acquires THE ANATOMY OF MONSTERS”

BUNNY THE KILLER THING Is Released on DVD/Blu-ray and Coming Soon on VOD

  Is America Ready for a Rampaging Sexually Deviant Bunny? PHILADELPHIA, PA, March 25, 2016 – If American did not self-implode when Donald Trump proclaimed his appendage was nothing short of monumental, than sure, America and all its genre film-loving fans will welcome star of BUNNY THE KILLER THING- a six foot tall fucking and killing rabbitContinue reading “BUNNY THE KILLER THING Is Released on DVD/Blu-ray and Coming Soon on VOD”

Artsploitation Films Warns The Summer House is NOT a Horror Films!

Warning: THIS IS NOT THE TYPICAL ARTSPLOITATION HORROR FILM! We here at Artsploitation Films love international horror and thrillers. It is our cinematic bread and butter. But we also watch and like art films and controversial films. And this is where THE SUMMER HOUSE lies. It is a thoughtful and ultimately devastating psychological thriller about a married man’s sexual obsessionContinue reading “Artsploitation Films Warns The Summer House is NOT a Horror Films!”

News on the Release of Cub from Artsploitation Films!

It was only a weekend camping trip for a troop of innocent cub scouts and their older teen chaparones. What could go wrong? Well, start with a evil psychopathic killer, add his ferel young protoge, have them place some ingenious traps in the woods and the results are kind of violent and bloody. This imaginativeContinue reading “News on the Release of Cub from Artsploitation Films!”

German Angst Means American Happiness for Artsploitation Films

GERMAN ANGST Finds a Happy Home with Artsploitation Films July 15, 2015 (Philadelphia, PA) – North American film distribution company Artsploitation Films continues its focus on provocative international genre movies with the North American acquisition of this 3-film anthology which premiered at the 2015 Rotterdam Film Festival. The films – all of which deal with love,Continue reading “German Angst Means American Happiness for Artsploitation Films”

Episode 127

Episode 127 It’s a short one this week. I am leaving today to go out of town for the weekend and have been working over time this week to be able to leave early. So with that said my time was very limited watching movies this week, sadly. If you are playing along to theContinue reading “Episode 127”

Episode 126

Episode 126 This week on Exorcast, Chuck and I are reunited with The Newsfinder General and he actually does his job for once. We tackle The House With 100 Eyes from Artsploitation Films, Vinegar Syndromes blu-ray release of Madman, The Strange Case of Dr Jekyll and Miss Osbourne from Arrow Video and Severin’s fantastic lookingContinue reading “Episode 126”

Episode 125

Episode 125 This week on Exorcast we take a look at Artsploitation Film’s first blu-ray release of Der Samurai, Wild Eye Releasing’s new indie slasher that isn’t Morbid, Blood Slaughter Massacre. We also dive into a two Arrow Video (US) releases of Massacre Gun and the amazing release of Brian Yuzna’s Society and talk aboutContinue reading “Episode 125”

Episode 86

Episode 86 We are back and it’s a new year here at Exorcast! We are excited to finally bring you our Best Of 2013 episode! We go over our top ten genre films, our bottom five films, favorite albums and other random best of categories. We read a few of of listeners best of listsContinue reading “Episode 86”

Episode 85

Episode 85 This episode we do a retrospective on William Lustig’s Maniac Cop 1, 2 and 3: Badge of Silence! We take a look at the blu-ray’s the first being released by Synapse and the sequels were sent to us by Blue Underground. We also review the newest films from Artsploitation Films, Toad Road directedContinue reading “Episode 85”

Episode 78

Episode 78 This week we have a special guest on the show, Jeff Konopka of The Liberal Dead & The Dead Air podcast. You can find him online at The Liberal Dead and on twitter @Jeff_FOTD. So the three of us take a look at David Guy Levy’s Would You Rather starring Jeffery Combs thatContinue reading “Episode 78”

Episode 74

episode 74 This week on the show we are recording late but thats okay because it’s the norm now and it’s also a holiday weekend. We have reviews for Adam Wingard’s You’re Next, Ryuchei Kitamura’s WWE Picture No One Lives and our new friends over at Artsploitation Films sent us their upcoming film Hidden InContinue reading “Episode 74”