Richard Elfman’s FORBIDDEN ZONE the ULTIMATE EDITION The “Citizen Kane” of underground movies! Coming on September 29th Digital, DVD, Blu-ray, and Soundtrack Packages Richard Elfman’s Forbidden Zone, starring Herve Villechaise (Fantasy Island) and Susan Tyrell (Fat City, Cry-Baby) and featuring original music by Danny Elfman, will make it’s way to the home video market onSeptember 29th inContinue reading “COMING IN SEPTEMBER, FORBIDDEN ZONE: ULTIMATE EDITION”

Artsploitation Films Warns The Summer House is NOT a Horror Films!

Warning: THIS IS NOT THE TYPICAL ARTSPLOITATION HORROR FILM! We here at Artsploitation Films love international horror and thrillers. It is our cinematic bread and butter. But we also watch and like art films and controversial films. And this is where THE SUMMER HOUSE lies. It is a thoughtful and ultimately devastating psychological thriller about a married man’s sexual obsessionContinue reading “Artsploitation Films Warns The Summer House is NOT a Horror Films!”

News on the Release of Cub from Artsploitation Films!

It was only a weekend camping trip for a troop of innocent cub scouts and their older teen chaparones. What could go wrong? Well, start with a evil psychopathic killer, add his ferel young protoge, have them place some ingenious traps in the woods and the results are kind of violent and bloody. This imaginativeContinue reading “News on the Release of Cub from Artsploitation Films!”