Scream Factory Announces 10 New Blu-ray Titles!

So last night while we were recording Exorcast, Scream Factory announced they will be releasing 10 new blu-ray titles from SDCC. The titles include The Dark Hald, Monkey Shines, Candyman II, Phantom of the Opera, New Year’s Evil, Scarecrows (!!!!!) and Invaders from Mars. I know that’s not ten… the rest will be collectors editions;Continue reading “Scream Factory Announces 10 New Blu-ray Titles!”

Episode 99

episode 99 This week on  Exorcast I am joined by Chuck Conry, Newsfinder couldn’t make it this time and Vincent…well no one expected him to show. This week we report the new Scream Factory news as it is announced live at SDCC. No, we aren’t there, but Chuck was hitting that refresh button every 4Continue reading “Episode 99”

Scream Factory Announces BD/DVD for Colombian Film The Squad

If you’re in the mood for some contemporary chills this Halloween then take note as the 2011 Colombian film THE SQUAD marches in on Blu-ray and DVD for the first time in the U.S. on October 21st! Synopsis: When all communication with a remote military base situated in an area of intense guerrilla activity isContinue reading “Scream Factory Announces BD/DVD for Colombian Film The Squad”

Episode 98

Episode 98 This week was recorded in the past of the future, but in the present…no…now we are in the present…fuck I don’t know. This week I am once again joined by that pumpkin faced cocksucker Vincent Renfield and The Newsfinder General! We take a look at the new release of Donald Farmer’s Invasion ofContinue reading “Episode 98”

Episode 97

Episode 97 This week I am joint by The Newsfinder General and the come back from the one, the only, the pumpkin faced cocksucker himself…Vincent Renfield. We are also joined by Dr. Jimmy Terror a.k.a. James Harris from – – to help kick off Italian Horror Week III on his site by reviewing someContinue reading “Episode 97”


THE BALLAD OF THE WORMS COMING FROM CHUCK CONRY As you may know by now, horror writer/director Chuck Conry’s ( film MORBID will be released on August 26 on DVD from Wild Eye Releasing. However, Chuck is about to once again get things rolling on his next film, an action/horror/exploitation hybrid titled, THE BALLAD OF THE WORMS WhileContinue reading “THE BALLAD OF THE WORMS COMING FROM CHUCK CONRY”

Synapse Film Announces Prom Night on Blu-ray/DVD September 9th!

Yesss! Get your terrible 80’s clothes on and get ready to dance! Some regard Prom Night as one of the greatest slashers of all time and I wouldn’t argue with them! While it’s not one of my favorite slashers, I can remember watching the hell out of it as a child. It holds a specialContinue reading “Synapse Film Announces Prom Night on Blu-ray/DVD September 9th!”

Episode 96

Episode 96 I am once again joined by Chuck Conry and The Newsfinder General and we are here to discuss two of my most anticipated blu-ray releases of the year! First up is Synapse Film’s release of Countess Dracula and Grindhouse Releasing’s’ new three disc blu-ray of Cannibal Holocaust! That’s not all, we also haveContinue reading “Episode 96”

Scream Factory Announces Hemlock Grove on Blu-ray….Wait, What?

That’s right, Scream Factory has announced that they will be releasing season one of Eli Roth produced Netflix original series Hemlock Grove. Now if you didn’t get a chance to watch this garbage on Netflix you can now own it. Yay. ***NEW TITLE ANNOUNCEMENT!*** Pack your bags and say your prayers — you’re on yourContinue reading “Scream Factory Announces Hemlock Grove on Blu-ray….Wait, What?”

Scream Factory Drops the Nightbreed BOMB!

Have you guys been dying to see Clive Barkers true cut of Nightbreed as much as we have? As much as Vincent? This was in fact his and one of his girlfriends “films.”  They wore matching long sleeve shirts to conventions and movie nights. It was quite disgusting. Anyway, we will finally have that chance!Continue reading “Scream Factory Drops the Nightbreed BOMB!”

Scream Factory Reveal Art for Squirm!

So I really dig the new art work, but I am happy they are including the original one sheet artwork as the reverse. Thankfully they arent going with that shitty MGM art. From the Scream Factory Facebook:   **ARTWORK REVEAL for SQUIRM (Collector’s Edition)** Check out our newly-designed artwork for the upcoming blu-ray Collector’s EditionContinue reading “Scream Factory Reveal Art for Squirm!”