Scream Factory Announces 10 New Blu-ray Titles!

So last night while we were recording Exorcast, Scream Factory announced they will be releasing 10 new blu-ray titles from SDCC. The titles include The Dark Hald, Monkey Shines, Candyman II, Phantom of the Opera, New Year’s Evil, Scarecrows (!!!!!) and Invaders from Mars. I know that’s not ten… the rest will be collectors editions; Dolls, Mad  Max and Escape From New York! There are no details or dates set yet, but it is still some pretty big news. Some of these titles personally I don’t really care about if I am being honest. I do wish Scarecrows was getting a collector’s edition and I am beyond stoked for Mad Max, Escape from NY and Invaders from Mars! Read on for the full release from Scream Factory!


From SF’s Facebook:


We just announced the following upcoming Scream Factory blu-ray releases at our Comic Con panel this evening. Here’s the exciting line-up!

1. The Dark Half
2. Monkey Shines
3. Candyman II: Farewell to the Flesh
4. Scarecrows
5. Phantom of the Opera
6. New Year’s Evil
7. Invaders from Mars
8. Dolls (Collector’s Edition)
9. Mad Max (Collector’s Edition)
10. Escape From New York (Collector’s Edition)

We have no details to report on this time other than that Dolls, The Dark Half and Monkey Shines are slated for November 2014 street dates and the rest will land in 2015.

We have more to reveal for 2015 so keep your eyes peeled here for updates throughout the Fall.


Episode 99

episode 99

This week on  Exorcast I am joined by Chuck Conry, Newsfinder couldn’t make it this time and Vincent…well no one expected him to show. This week we report the new Scream Factory news as it is announced live at SDCC. No, we aren’t there, but Chuck was hitting that refresh button every 4 seconds! This week we review Vinegar Syndrome’s blu-ray release of the Massage Parlor Murders, Wild Eye Releasing’s The Perfect House starring Felissa Rose and Full Moon’s 1992 classic Demonic Toys on blu-ray! We also have a review of the highly talked about Under The Skin starring Scarlett Johansson. The film she is naked in… not just a little bit naked, but a lot naked.

Scream Factory Announces BD/DVD for Colombian Film The Squad

If you’re in the mood for some contemporary chills this Halloween then take note as the 2011 Colombian film THE SQUAD marches in on Blu-ray and DVD for the first time in the U.S. on October 21st!

The Squad
Synopsis: When all communication with a remote military base situated in an area of intense guerrilla activity is lost, a unit of soldiers is sent on a mission to regain contact with their brothers-in-arms. Fearing the base has been taken over by enemy forces, they arrive to find the place littered with corpses and the walls daubed with blood and what appear to be magical symbols intended to ward off evil. Confused and isolated, the soldiers find themselves gripped by inexplicable feelings of fear, mistrust and paranoia that leads them to question the nature and identity of their enemy.

“**** …Remarkably atmospheric and well-crafted horror film…” – Dread Central
“****…A terrifyingly tense nightmare.” – Billy Chainsaw, Bizarre

Special Features:
Theatrical Trailer
Behind The Squad (making of)

Check out the trailer at: and you can pre-order now at

Episode 98

Episode 98

This week was recorded in the past of the future, but in the present…no…now we are in the present…fuck I don’t know. This week I am once again joined by that pumpkin faced cocksucker Vincent Renfield and The Newsfinder General! We take a look at the new release of Donald Farmer’s Invasion of the Scream Queens sent to us by Wild Eye Releasing! That’s it. That’s the entire show. Oh, we also have a really great interview with Eric Stanze (Ratline, Scrapbook) about his upcoming film Stoplight, indie filmmaking and how its changed over the years and some of his older films!

Episode 97

Episode 97

This week I am joint by The Newsfinder General and the come back from the one, the only, the pumpkin faced cocksucker himself…Vincent Renfield. We are also joined by Dr. Jimmy Terror a.k.a. James Harris from – – to help kick off Italian Horror Week III on his site by reviewing some Italian horror films! We decided to go for some of the less talked about films, so first up is Mario Bava’s Shock (Beyond The Door II), Francesco’s Barilli’s The Perfume of the Lady in Black and the newly released (but not in the USA) Tulpa (Perdizioni mortali) directed by Federico Zampaglione! We also take a look at the newest released from One Way Static Records with Roberto Donati’s score for Umberto Lenzi’s Cannibal Ferox (Make Them Die Slowly).



Ballad of the worms 1

As you may know by now, horror writer/director Chuck Conry’s ( film MORBID will be released on August 26 on DVD from Wild Eye Releasing. However, Chuck is about to once again get things rolling on his next film, an action/horror/exploitation hybrid titled, THE BALLAD OF THE WORMS

While little details can be given at this time, what we do know is that it will apparently pit a supernatural ninja against a woman-hating cult and is set in the backwoods of Manchester Tennessee, which is known for being the yearly home of the Bonnaroo music festival.

Pre-production is said to be starting soon with filming hopefully starting before the end of the year. The intention is to have it ready by early 2015 with a release soon after.

For more details visit the Grundy Nation Films Facebook page or follow Chuck himself on Twitter.

Synapse Film Announces Prom Night on Blu-ray/DVD September 9th!

Yesss! Get your terrible 80’s clothes on and get ready to dance! Some regard Prom Night as one of the greatest slashers of all time and I wouldn’t argue with them! While it’s not one of my favorite slashers, I can remember watching the hell out of it as a child. It holds a special place in my heart and now it will hold one in my blu-ray collection! Synapse are giving it a new 2K master from the original 35mm print and tons of special features. This is a must own!

From the official press release:




Synapse Logo


Jamie Lee Curtis (HALLOWEEN, THE FOG) and Leslie Nielsen (THE NAKED GUN, AIRPLANE, FORBIDDEN PLANET) star in this celebrated slasher classic. 

Four Hamilton High seniors are hiding a terrible secret. What happened to Robin Hammond six years ago was a game that turned into a horrible tragedy, and someone saw what they did… someone waiting for gruesome revenge! Wearing a black hood and wielding an axe, a killer brutally slaughters the teenagers one by one at their high school prom.  As the spotlight falls on the newly crowned prom king and queen, the psychopath will show everyone his new favorite game to play…Are you ready for a bloody night of 

“Disco Madness”? Synapse Films is proud to present PROM NIGHT in a beautiful new version, remastered and restored in 2K from the original 35mm camera negative with an all-new 5.1 surround mix.

Prom Night blu


Special Features:

• Brand-New 2K High-Definition Transfer from the Original 35mm Camera Negative
• New 5.1 Surround Remix Specifically Created for this Release (Original 2.0 Mono Included)
• Audio Commentary with Director Paul Lynch and Screenwriter William Gray
• THE HORRORS OF HAMILTON HIGH: The Making of “Prom Night” – Featurette
• Collection of Additional Scenes Added for Television Broadcast
• Never-Before-Seen Outtakes from “Prom Night” *Exclusive to Blu-ray
• Motion Still Gallery *Exclusive to Blu-ray
• Original Theatrical Trailer & Television Spots
• English Subtitles for the Deaf and Hard of Hearing

Prom Night dvdDisc Info:

Directed by:  Paul Lynch
  Jamie Lee Curtis, Leslie Nielsen, Eddie Benton

Run Time:  92 minutes
Release Date:  September 9, 2014 
Aspect Ratio:  Widescreen Anamorphic 1.78:1
Formats:  Blu-ray and DVD
Blu-ray Region:  A
DVD Region:  1
Blu-ray UPC:
DVD UPC:  654930316696
Blu-ray SRP:  $24.95
DVD SRP:  $19.95


Synapse Films