Fangoria Has Some Exclusive Stills From Ahlbrandt’s Hunters!

So we have talked about it on the show, Adam’s upcoming film Hunters is going to be one of the most vile films most of you have seen in a long time, or possibly ever. I personally got to witness a handful of movie goer’s walk out on the trailer before a viewing of CrossContinue reading “Fangoria Has Some Exclusive Stills From Ahlbrandt’s Hunters!”

The Perfect House Starring Felissa Rose Coming to DVD From Wild Eye!

The Perfect House Starring Felissa Rose & Jonathan Tiersten Coming to DVD July 22nd from Wild Eye Releasing New York, NY — Wild Eye Releasing has announced that The Perfect House, the anthology horror film from Kris Hulbert and Randy Kent, will make its long-awaited DVD release on July 22nd.  Starring Sleepaway Camp‘s Felissa Rose and Jonathan Tiersten and Return of the LivingContinue reading “The Perfect House Starring Felissa Rose Coming to DVD From Wild Eye!”

Eli DeGeer Added to the Cast of Stanze’s STOPLIGHT!

Casting Announcement: Eli DeGeer To Star In Eric Stanze’s Road Trip Odyssey STOPLIGHT   Filmmaker and actress Eli DeGeer will play the lead role in STOPLIGHT, directed by Eric Stanze. DeGeer played supporting parts to lead roles in short films and commercials before starring in CHINA WHITE SERPENTINE (2003), co-directed by Eric Stanze and RobinContinue reading “Eli DeGeer Added to the Cast of Stanze’s STOPLIGHT!”

Episode 95

Episode 95 This week on the show I am joined by Mr. Chuck Conry and Cryoticpsych, The Newsfinder General! We talk a little about everything including but not limited to Power Rangers…why I don’t recall. We review 100 Tears directed by Marcus Koch, sent to us by Unearthed Films and Alley Cat directed by VictorContinue reading “Episode 95”

Scream Factory Announces SQUIRM on Blu-ray/DVD

So Scream Factory announced that they will be releasing Jeff Lieberman’s 1976 Squirm in their collectors edition series! No specials or what the new artwork will look like, but let’s hope Jeff get’s a new commentary track! From Scream Factory’s Facebook: ***SURPRISE TITLE ANNOUNCEMENT*** The worms crawl in and out this October when we release theContinue reading “Scream Factory Announces SQUIRM on Blu-ray/DVD”

Features Revealed For Scream Factory’s Motel Hell Blu-ray!

So Scream Factory have revealed the extras for their release of the Motel Hell Collector’s Edition! Features will include a new director commentary which I am personally stoked about! Read on for the full specs! Also, could that artwork be anymore badass? The answer is no. From Scream Factory’s Facebook: ***EXTRAS REVEALED on MOTEL HELL!*** OurContinue reading “Features Revealed For Scream Factory’s Motel Hell Blu-ray!”

Adam Ahlbrandt Joins Eric Stanze’s STOPLIGHT

Our good friend Adam Ahlbrandt has been added to the cast of director Eric Stanze (Ratline, Scrapbook)’s upcoming film Stoplight! We are pretty excited about this for two reasons; one being that we love Adam here at Exorcast and two Eric has been pumping out solid indie flicks for 20 years! Def a good pairingContinue reading “Adam Ahlbrandt Joins Eric Stanze’s STOPLIGHT”

Wicked Pixel Cinema Launches STOPLIGHT IndieGoGo Campaign

Wicked Pixel Cinema Launches STOPLIGHT IndieGoGo Campaign   Now you can be a part of independent film history!  Wicked Pixel Cinema recently announced their new feature film, STOPLIGHT, directed by Eric Stanze.  To fuel up the production budget gas tank, Wicked Pixel Cinema has launched an IndieGoGo campaign.  Follow this link to hit the road:Continue reading “Wicked Pixel Cinema Launches STOPLIGHT IndieGoGo Campaign”

Scream Factory Announces Vincent Price Collection Vol 2

So by now everyone has probably heard that Scream Factory has announced the second volume in the Vincent Price Blu-ray Collection. Stoked! The first set was an amazing and much needed release.  Very much looking forward to having Dr. Phibes Rises Again and The House on Haunted Hill on blu! From Scream Factory’s Facebook: ***NEWContinue reading “Scream Factory Announces Vincent Price Collection Vol 2”

Anchor Bay & Scream Factory Release Halloween Collection Art

So we now know what the Halloween Complete Collection box set art work looks like and frankly it’s pretty fucking awesome.   From Scream Factory’s Facebook: ***HALLOWEEN: THE COMPLETE COLLECTION ART REVEAL!** Happy Friday the 13th! In celebration of this infamous date (and with all due respect to that other masked fellow associated with today),Continue reading “Anchor Bay & Scream Factory Release Halloween Collection Art”

Cross Bearer Official Announcement

Fred Vogel has announced that the Adam Ahlbrandt-directed cult hit Cross Bearer will see its first US-wide distribution through Vogel’s eminent horror institution Toetag Pictures. With fan demand growing the filmmaker swooped in on Toetag’s offer to release a features-loaded standard edition DVD, as well as a double-disc, limited (to a fitting 666 copies) specialContinue reading “Cross Bearer Official Announcement”

Christoph of Artsploitation Films Needs Our Help

I recently found out that Christoph the PR guy from Artsploitation Films has cancer. The company is in an indefinite hiatus now. This was one of the best up and coming distribution companies and arguably my favorite. They brought some amazing titles, including Wither, Toad Road and the intense Hidden In The Woods.  Christoph needs help raisingContinue reading “Christoph of Artsploitation Films Needs Our Help”

Michele Soavi’s STAGEFRIGHT Coming to Blu-ray from Blue Underground!

So Fangoria got the exclusive from Blue Underground that they will be releasing Michele Soavi’s first film Stagefright (a.k.a. Bloody Bird, Aquarius) on Blu-ray for the first time in the US and also a new DVD version on September 23rd! This is one of our personal favorite slasher films here at Exorcast, so needless to sayContinue reading “Michele Soavi’s STAGEFRIGHT Coming to Blu-ray from Blue Underground!”

Doc Terror’s Italian Horror Week

So our good friend James Harris a.k.a. Dr. Jimmy Terror from the Dead Air Horror and Genre Podcast is doing his annual Italian Horror Week starting on July 11th 2014! You can expect several articles every day from guest writers and a ton of giveaways including an all region Blu-ray player and Demons 1 &Continue reading “Doc Terror’s Italian Horror Week”

Synapse Films Brings Indie WORM To DVD

WHAT’S THAT RUSTLING BETWEEN YOUR EARS? MAYBE IT’S… WORM SQUIRMING YOUR WAY ON DVD AUGUST 12! A WIGGLING NIGHTMARE! In a future where we no longer have the ability to dream, people have turned to ‘Fantasites,’ genetically engineered worm-like parasites, for sleep relief. Delivered right to your door, these “worms” allow you to experience your wildestContinue reading “Synapse Films Brings Indie WORM To DVD”

Episode 94

Episode 94 We are back this week with a blast from our past, The News Finder General is back! This week Chuck had to bail out last minute, that’s why his name is in the intro but he isn’t on the show. Regardless, this week we take a look at Full Moon’s Tourist Trap blu-ray,Continue reading “Episode 94”

30th Anniversary? “Who Ya Gonna Call?”

I ran across this yesterday and had to post it. With the 30th Anniversary of Ghostbusters looming and the 25th of Ghostbusters 2 we are being treated to a blu-ray collection from the official site. You can get both films remastered with new 4K Transfers and new special features as well as the ones thatContinue reading “30th Anniversary? “Who Ya Gonna Call?””

Scream Factory Gives Some Insight on The Battery

A while back Scream Factory announced they would be releasing Jeremy Gardner’s indie zombie flick THE BATTERY on Blu-ray/DVD later this year. Today they revielevd reversable art and listed the date for 9/16/14. You can still get the film from the official website as a digital download for only $5.00! THE BATTERY is one of theContinue reading “Scream Factory Gives Some Insight on The Battery”

Cross Bearer gets 3 Disc German Release Ltd 666

Adam Ahlbrandt’s Cross Bearer is getting a 3 disc limited edition digi-pack (looks to me like a media book). Blu-ray, DVD and a bonus DVD with extras, the disc’s look to be region locked so you would need a region free player. There are 3 different sets of art work, each limited to 666 copiesContinue reading “Cross Bearer gets 3 Disc German Release Ltd 666”

Donald Farmer’s Invasion of the Scream Queens Coming to DVD For The First Time!

Donald Farmer’s Legendary  Invasion of the Scream Queens Available on DVD for the First Time This June New York, NY — Wild Eye Releasing is honored to announce that the classic documentary Invasion of the Scream Queens will soon be available on DVD.   Originally shot in the early 1990s, during the heyday of direct to video andContinue reading “Donald Farmer’s Invasion of the Scream Queens Coming to DVD For The First Time!”

Blood Soaked Coming To DVD From Wild Eye Releasing

Peter Grendle’s Blood Soaked Coming to DVD and VOD June 17th From Wild Eye Releasing   New York, NY — Wild Eye Releasing is excited to announce that Peter Grendle’s Blood Soaked will be available nationwide on DVD and VODJune 17th.   Blood Soaked was a horror festival favorite throughout 2013, winning Best Effects at the Jersey Gore Film Festival and playingContinue reading “Blood Soaked Coming To DVD From Wild Eye Releasing”

Episode 93

Episode 93 This week on the show I am joined by Chuck Conry and Mr. Vincent Renfield shows up but doesn’t speak for some reason… So I went ahead and snapped a picture of him and posted it on our Facebook page to prove he was here. We discussed Fullmoon Features‘ Castle Freak blu-ray directedContinue reading “Episode 93”