Episode 78

Episode 78

This week we have a special guest on the show, Jeff Konopka of The Liberal Dead & The Dead Air podcast. You can find him online at The Liberal Dead and on twitter @Jeff_FOTD. So the three of us take a look at David Guy Levy’s Would You Rather starring Jeffery Combs that totally went under everyones radar, Gabriel Bologna’s The Black Waters of Echo’s Pond that has taken four years to finally see the light of day. It was also written and produced by Sean Clark from Horror’s Hallowed Ground from the Horror Hound magazine. Last but not least we have a little gem from Sweden sent to us by Artsploitation Films, Wither, directed by Sonny Laguna and Tommy Wiklund! We announce the winner of the contest and their email/band (see bellow). I announce a new contest involving the Facebook page and V and Jeff seem to think I have Facebook fever…


album coverThanks to Gojomonster for killing it and winning the Sammi Curr poster!


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