Episode 58


This week on the show Vincent and I go head to head on Dario Argento’s Dracula 3D, we also take a look at Dustin Mills’ Easter Casket and Koyu Ohara’s Fairy In A Cage which was sent to us by are pals at Synapse! For last rites Vincent tells you about Mark Herrier’s Popcorn. I wasn’t able to squeeze this one in and I haven’t seen it since college so it is a distant memory.

Episode 57


This week we take the sleaze to an all new level and pretty much just straight up review some pornos! No, seriously…we review some porn. This week we are review Driller: A Sexual Thriller directed by Joyce James which was sent to us by Wild Eye, Psycho Holocaust directed by Krist Rufty and Baise-Moi (Fuck Me) directed by Virginie Despentes and Coralie sent to us from Arrow Video. For last rites we take a look at one of Massacre Video’s newer titles Blood Angel 2 a.k.a. Donald Farmer’s Savage Vengeance, the unofficial sequel to I Spit On Your Grave! We also read your emails, open up some special gifts that Deadrat picked us up over in Italia and we announce our last contest for some Mondo Macabro titles from DiabolikDVD! Oh yeah, we talk a lot about the band Ghost and their newest album Infestissumam.

Episode 56: The Evil Dead Retrospective



This week on Exorcast we talk about Sam Raimi’s The Evil Dead, Evil Dead II and Army of Darkness! We also review Fede Alvarez’s Evil Dead remake that is still fresh in theaters. No spoilers! We also discuss all things Evil Dead including video games, comics and films/sequels that never happened and may never happen. We also talk about Charles Band and his Wizard Video Bullshit and answer your emails! I almost forgot we give you a run down of last weekend at Cinema Wasteland and be sure and check out our videos page for some laughs!

Also be sure to check our Matt’s Blood Video zine over at storenvy.com/horrorboobs

Episode 55

Episode 55

This week as we prepare for Cinema Wasteland we review a few flicks. This week we take a look at Chad Ferrin’s strange Someone’s Knocking At The Door, Johnnie Dickie’s Slaughter Tales which was sent to us from our good friend Rob at Wile Eye Releasings and Ken Costenino’s Crimson from Alternative Cinema. We deliver Last Rites ro Jeff Burr’s 1995 killer scarecrow film Night Of The Scarecrow!