End of the year email.

The year started off with Vincent swallowing a spoonful of hot sauce. If it was man sauce the tradition would have continued. Episode 45 ended January with reviews of the awesome films John Dies at the End, The Bloody Ape, and Cross Bearer. February celebrated the one year anniversary. In March you two couldn’t figure out the difference between Witchery and Witchcraft. One is for masturbating and the other for David Hasselhoff fans. April was Little Johnnie Dickie month. May was Chuck Conroy’s coming out, in every way possible with Morbid. In June, the beard was pushed to the brink by and old man who knew more about syncing blu-tooth than he did. July was the Creepshow 3 commentary………….fuckers. The Babysitter Massacre review stuck out in July, because you guys don’t talk about fat women with huge tits enough. August was when Vincent declared his love for underground cave dwelling Descent women. In September the newsfinder general was at this zenith…..what the fuck happened? October was the great Halloween retrospective, which Chuck tried to sabotage to no avail. We only had 2 shows in November, making us feel truly thankful. December followed up with two episodes, but news that Vincent and Beard both signed two year contracts to continue the show. Happy New Year.

A great email from Russell Procope.

This had to be posted because it sums our year up damn best perfectly.

Thank you.

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