Episode 90

Episode 90-


***Alright guys, this episode was recorded before episode 89. This does not have Vincent on it due to his work schedule and our obligation to get through some of these screeners. It’s a bit rusty so bare with me. This was intended to be ep 89 so a few things are said in this one that will be repeat for you from the last episode.***


This week Chuck Conry and I tackle Hammer’s Frankenstein Created Woman directed by Terence Fisher, Thanatomorphose…yeah I cant pronounce it either…directed by Eric Falardeau and The Big Gundown directed by Sergio Sollima! Keep up with your stripper stories for last weeks contest and the winner should be announced next week!

Episode 60



This week ¬†we have a shorter episode. The interview would have been included in this, but it ran so long it became its own episode. So this week we are reviewing Steven Kostanski of Astron 6’s Manborg, Mathias Hoene’s zombie comedy Cockney’s Vs. Zombies and last but not least Chuck Conry’s Morbid! We are the first to see it and the first to review it!

Episode 34

Episode 34

On this weeks show we have a special guest, Chuck Conry from Zombie’s Don’t Podcast! We talk to Chuck a little bit about his upcoming film Morbid and he helps us out with our three exorcisms this week! We take a look at Werewolf: The Beast Among Us directed by Louis Morneau, Mike Nichols’ Bread Crumbs and Yoshihiro Nishimura’s Helldriver! We also give the briefest Last Rites ever to Ruggero Deodato’s 1993 sleaze fest The Washing Machine! If I were you, I’d complain about how terrible this Last Rites is….we were tired.

Episode 17

Episode 17

ON this weeks episode we review Lucio Fulci’s 1983 cult classic Conquest, Emanuele De Santi’s 2011 Italian splatter-fest Adam Champlin, Ridley Scott’s 2012 summer blockbuster and Alien prequel Prometheus and by request we have Jim Wynorski’s 1986 favorite Chopping Mall! For Last Rites we are bringing you an 80’s action gem with H. Tjut Djalil’s Lady Terminator! Vincent responds to the guy’s over at Zombie’s Don’t Podcast about their remarks of him being a homosexual and what he plans to do with ZDP and Exorcast when I go out of town in two weeks. That and a lot more I can’t think of!

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