Francesca BD/DVD/CD Coming September 27th from Unearthed Films

“Francesca” Blu-ray / DVD / CD package 

coming September 27th

“More giallo than giallo” – The Hollywood Investigator

“Morbidly flawless” – PointBlank

FRANCESCA is a new giallo film from Argentinian brothers Luciano and Nicolás Onetti (Sonno Profondo, 2013). The film, which made its world premiere at SITGES Film Festival in October 2015, is now coming to home video courtesy of Unearthed Films and MVD Entertainment


It’s been 15 years since the disappearance of little Francesca, daughter of the renowned poet and playwright, Vittorio Visconti. The community is stalked by a psychopath bent on cleaning the city of “impure and damned souls”. Moretti and Succo are the detectives in charge of finding the killer of these “Dantesque” crimes. Francesca has returned, but she is not be the same girl they once knew.

FRANCESCA has won several film festival awards including Best Director at Buenos Aires Rojo Sangre 2015, Best Production Design at Tabloid Witch Awards – Hollywood Investigator 2015, Weird Visions Award at Ravenna Nightmare 2015, Best Giallo Film at Crypticon Kansas City 2016, and Special Mention at Horrorant 2016 in Greece.

FRANCESCA can be ordered now at the  MVD Shop or on Amazon.

Episode 114

Episode 114

Happy Holidays from us here at Exorcast! This is our last show of 2014. It’s been a good year, lots of changes have happened to the show and I am happy that you guys still listen! This week Chuck and I are once again reunited with the News Finder General and together we tackle a few films including the strangest Christmas film we’ve ever seen. First up we have The Nostril Picker (a.k.a. The Changer) from Massacre Video and Sonno Profondo (a.k.a. Deep Sleep) a new artsy giallo that went under the radar. Finally we have a strange little holiday film called Blood Beat that has rednecks, deer hunting and a ghost samurai in it. I am not kidding. Shit’s strange. With all the deer, trees and rednecks though, Chuck feels right at home with it. So enjoy and thanks for continuing to support us over the years. We will be back in January with our best of show for 2014!

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