Episode 37: The 25 Day’s of Exorcast Part 1

Episode 37 XXXmas Part 1

This week we gear up for the holidays with the first episode of a two parter! This week we will be going over 12 holiday horror films to gear you up for Christmas! This week we are taking a look at Silent Night Deadly Night directed by Charles E Sellier, SNDN2 by Lee Harry, SNDN 3: Better Watch Out by Monte Hellman, SNDN part 4: Initiation directed by Brian Yuzna and SNDN 5: The Toy Maker directed by Martin Kitrosser, Black Christmas directed by Bob Clark, Black Xmas directed by Glen Morgan, Rare Exports: A Christmas Tale directed by Jalmari Helander, Two From Teeth directed by David Thomas Sckrabulis, Santa’s Slay directed by David Steinman, Sint (Saint) (Saint Nick) directed by Dick Maas and A Christmas Evil directed by Lewis Jackson! One hell of a list! Stay tuned next week for 13 more!

Exorcast: Episode One

Epsiode_One Download

In the first episode of Exorcast, Vincent and I review Ti West’s new film THE INNKEEPERS, James Watkins’ THE WOMAN IN BLACK, Ben Wheatley’s KILL LIST and Dick Maas’ Dutch killer Santa Claus flick SINT (SAINT NICK). We also deliver the Last Rites to a forgotten Wes Cravin film and ramble about every thing else we can think of. If you have any questions for us be sure and email us at exorcast@gmail.com

To download the episode to your computer or smart phone use the link provided. For computer right click and select “Save Link As…” or “Save File As…”

Side Note: The sounds quality isn’t the greatest, but if you keep listening we promise to fix that very soon.