Episode 121

Eipsode 121

In this weeks episode we have reviews for Vinegar Syndrome’s Good Luck, Miss Wyckoff, Jess Franco’s Devil Hunter & Collar from Unearthed Films! Newsfinder goes on a rant about the Rondo’s and much more!

Episode 35

Episode 35

This week we exorcise The Vicious Brother’s found footage flick Grave Encounters, Darren Lynn Bousman’s The Devil’s Carnival and Ryan Nicholson’s newest slasher Famine! This week for Last Rites we hook up the VCR and check out Donald G. Jacobson’s 1986 Roller Blade! Yes, the film pre-dates actual rollerblades.

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Episode 19

Episode 19

We’re back! After a week long absence we are back to bring you another gimmick filled episode and Vincent has no idea what episode we are on! We may be a few days late but this week was the Fourth of July so because of that holiday we decided it was only right to do a few holiday themed and America themed films. We have William Lustig’s Uncle Sam, Bobcat Goldthwait’s new black-comedy God Bless America, David Arquette’s slasher The Tripper and then venturing off the gimmick we take a look at Ryan Nicholson’s The Bleeding Lady. We deliver Last Rites to a forgotten VHS title called Lunchmeat directed by Kirk Alex. Vincent gives us a look back at Fright Night Film Fest and asks me a few questions about my visit to Hawaii, then tells me that exorcast is more important. Stay tuned for next week because it will once again be another show released on Friday the 13th! Maybe we will do some more Friday films, who knows….maybe we will do Friday starring Ice Cube and Chris Tucker!? Anyway, the power of Cast Compels You and all that stuff…


Episode VII: Cinema Wasteland recap

Episode VII

On this weeks episode we give you a recap of our fun filled weekend at Cinema Wasteland in Cleveland, Ohio and we take a look at three of the films we picked up there. First up is Ryan Nicholson’s rape/revenge exploitation short film Torched, then Tsurisaki Kiyotaka’s documentary Orozco the Embalmer and Bill Zebub’s Antfarm Dickhole. Yes, that’s actually the title. We also deliver Last Rites to David Schmoeller’s cult classic Tourist Trap! This week we have a special interview with an inebriated Ken the creator and host of Cinema Wasteland.

**Bare with us durring the interview because the sound quality isn’t the greatest. We had to rig up our cell phone with a mic because we had to do phone to phone rather than skype.**

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