MORBID comes to DVD July 21st!

By way of Horror Sexy, we have the news of the MORBID DVD release along with this awesome cover art! This will be released on July 21st from Wild Eye Releasing!


In this low budget 80s slasher homage, a small Tennessee town becomes the playground to a sadistic, masked killer. But with the town’s sheriff and locals more worried about the big high school football game than getting to the bottom of the murders, a detective from out of town must rush to save the lives of a group of teens throwing a party in the middle of all the mayhem.


Episode 117

Episode 117

This week we have our interview with Rob from Wild Eye Releasing! It is a lengthy one so I hope you are ready for it. Before anyone asks, yes, Morbid is mentioned and what happens is a battle of verbal fists being thrown across the air waves! It’s pretty intense! Or maybe it isn’t, maybe I am just getting you hyped to let you down! I am an asshole after all. Regardless, Rob gives us some great information about himself , Wild Eye and the business in general and he also answers all of your questions and some of Chuck’s too. He also gives Exorcast two Wild Eye exclusives that you will only find in this episode!

Episode 91

Episode 91

** I say Wild Eye Entertainment instead of Wild Eye Releasing in the intro. I apologize for not catching that before posting it.**

Normally I would say we are back, but we are not. I am back and this week and am joined once again by Mr. Chuck Conry of This week we are taking a look at Synapse films bluray release of Radley Metzger’s The Image and the DVD release of Michael Masters & David J. Francis’ Reel Zombies. We also have reviews for Grand Entertainment Groups release of John V. Knowles horror comedy Chastity Bites and Wild Eye Releasing’s new slasher Scream Park directed by Cary Hill. We also play a few tracks from One Way Static’s release of Wes Cravin’s The Last House on the Left soundtrack and talk a bit about that.

Episode 60


This week  we have a shorter episode. The interview would have been included in this, but it ran so long it became its own episode. So this week we are reviewing Steven Kostanski of Astron 6’s Manborg, Mathias Hoene’s zombie comedy Cockney’s Vs. Zombies and last but not least Chuck Conry’s Morbid! We are the first to see it and the first to review it!