Episode 89

Episode 89

This week on the show we review Adam Gierasch’s newest film Fractured (Schism)starring Callum Blue, Vinnie Jones and Ashlynn Yennie. Be sure you check out our last episode with our killer interview with Adam! We also take a look at two of Severin’s newer releases the 3 disc blu-ray release of Jess (Jesus) Franco’s The Hot Nights of Linda starring his muse Lina Romay and their blu-ray release of Paul Harrison’s The House of Seven Corpses! I briefly touch on Joe Lynch’s “chopped to pieces” release of Knights of Badassdom starring Ryan Kwanton, Steve Zahn and Peter Dinklage while Vincent talks about J.T. Petty’s Hellbender 3D in 2D because we are too poor for that 3D shit. We also talk a little about One Way Static Records release of The Hills Have Eyes soundtrack which you can get directly from them in the UK or from Light In The Attic Records here in the states!


We also have a fun little contest to give away a DVD, CD Soundtrack and Te shirt for a movie. Listen to find out what it is and how to win it! Good luck with that… in true Vincent contest fashion of course.



Episode IX

Episode IX

On this weeks Exorcast we review Stacy Davidson’s slasher film Sweatshop, Carlo Ledesma’s mockumentary The Tunnel, episodes 1-3 of Adam Green and Joe Lynch’s new sitcom from FearNET Holliston and we take a road trip to the theater to see Drew Goddard’s Cabin In The Woods that is destined for cult status. We deliver Last Rites to Robert Scott’s cult classic VHS masterpiece from 1987 The Video Dead. We also, announce that we are now apart of the Horror Podcasting Alliance and I rant about an online company that dicked me over. Vincent also rants over some listener emails.

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