Episode 59


This week we have a fun show for you guys! We are reviewing Rob Zombie’s The Lords of salem in detail, we also take a look at Conor McMahon’s horror/comedy Stitches and Frank Khalfoun’s Maniac remake. We deliver Last Rites to Jeff Lieberman’s newly in print Remote Control from 1988!


If you would like to purchase a copy of Remote Control from Jeff Liberman himself (we encourage you too do so) you can get it at http://jeffliebermandirector.com

Episode 33

Episode 33

This week we review Timur Bekmambetov’s Abraham Lincoln Vampire Hunter, Richard Schenkman’s Abraham Lincoln vs. Zombies, Mark P Forever’s Strip mahjong: Battle Royal. We also deliver Last Rites to Lindsay Shontell’s Devil Doll for 1964. We hope you all enjoyed our Commentary for Jeff Lieberman’s Satan’s Little Helper!

Halloween Special! Satan’s Little Helper Commentary!

Satan’s Little Helper

So as a special Halloween treat for all of our listeners out there we have just finished recording our first commentary. It is for Jeff Lieberman’s black comedy from 2004, Satan’s Little Helper! We both love this film and always mention it whenever someone asks either of us what some of our favorite Halloween films are. So we are sharing our thought’s on it with you! Get stoked! This film is available on Netflix on Amazon Instant and around $5-15 on DVD. You could probably get it super cheap used at FYE or Hastings! So we hope you enjoy our first commentary. Please leave us some feedback on the site, facebook, twitter or email exorcast@gmail.com because we do plan on doing a few more of these in the near future.