Episode 37: The 25 Day’s of Exorcast Part 1

Episode 37 XXXmas Part 1

This week we gear up for the holidays with the first episode of a two parter! This week we will be going over 12 holiday horror films to gear you up for Christmas! This week we are taking a look at Silent Night Deadly Night directed by Charles E Sellier, SNDN2 by Lee Harry, SNDN 3: Better Watch Out by Monte Hellman, SNDN part 4: Initiation directed by Brian Yuzna and SNDN 5: The Toy Maker directed by Martin Kitrosser, Black Christmas directed by Bob Clark, Black Xmas directed by Glen Morgan, Rare Exports: A Christmas Tale directed by Jalmari Helander, Two From Teeth directed by David Thomas Sckrabulis, Santa’s Slay directed by David Steinman, Sint (Saint) (Saint Nick) directed by Dick Maas and A Christmas Evil directed by Lewis Jackson! One hell of a list! Stay tuned next week for 13 more!