Halloween Contest!

So this year we wanted to go all out for Halloween and do a really simple (un-Vincent like) contest! So we asked a lot of our friends and supporters to donate a few things of their choice for our giveaway. There are still a few things that aren’t here yet and a few people that said they would donate something but haven’t sen’t them in yet, like Vincent Renfield. So far our grind prize winner will get;

01. The Perfect House on DVD from Wild Eye Releasing

02. Murder University on DVD from Wild Eye Releasing

03. Play Hooky on DVD from Wild Eye Releasing

04. Blood Soaked on DVD from Wild Eye Releasing

05. Ratline on DVD signed by Eric Stanze from Wicked Pixel Cinema

06. Savage Harvest 2: October Blood on DVD signed by Jason Christ from Wicked Pixel Cinema

07. Pieces of Talent on DVD signed by Joe Stauffer

08. Dog Dick on VHS limited to 75 signed by James Bell from Vultra Video

09. Cross Bearer on DVD signed by Adam Ahlbrandt

10. Two (2) limited/special edition Fangoria Magazines from Fango/Bekah McKendry

11. Perversions In Apartment A VHS (1/1 Exorcast Exclusive signed) from Mr. Uneasy & the Witch King

12. A signed Jasons Cd from Jason V

13. A Renfields CD from Vincent Renfield

14. Perversions In Apartment A VHS x2 (slipcase and original vintage sideloader) from The Witch King

15. Emancipation VHS signed by Ron Decaro from the Witch King

16. Tacoman VHS from the Witch King

17. Alice in Acidland VHS from the Witch King

18. Black Fist VHS from the Witch King

19. Touched by the Grace of Dave DVD from The Witch King


Exorcast Contest 1


First Runner up will receive a signed copy of Cross Bearer and Pieces of Talent on DVD. Gutterballs on VHS, Cannibal Mercenary Redux VHS, Printed Poison VHS & Slaughter Tales on VHS!

contest update 1


At least four more runners up will all get a copy of Pieces of Talent & a signed copy of Cross Bearer on DVD!

There are three ways you can enter and you can enter up to three times. Firstly you can enter by replying to this post and telling us your favorite Halloween horror film or your favorite film to watch at Halloween. Second, follow us on Twitter (@Exorcast) and tweet at us answering the same question and using the hashtag #ExorHalloween! The third way you can enter is by liking us on Facebook and responding to our post with your answer. Tell us on all three and you have three chances to win! It’s as simple as Chuck Conry! The winners will be drawn and contacted on Halloween!