Episode 81

Episode 81

Happy Halloween mother fuckers! We are back to finish off the Halloween retrospective with Halloween 6-8 and Rob Zombie’s Halloween 1 and 2. We are joined by the Newsfinder General and Chuck Conry graces us with his presence for the entire show! Will Vincent throw a bitch fit over Busta Rhymes? Of course he does! Also, please enjoy this picture of Busta Rhymes that I asked GojoMonster to make up for us! Thanks Mick!



Episode 14

episiode 14

On this weeks episode we take a look at Wally Koz’s shot on video slasher 555 from 1988, Griff Frust’s 2010 slasher Mask Maker (Maskerade), Rob Zombie’s Halloween II from 2009 and Maurice Devereaux’s 2001 Slashers ($la$her$). In honor of Memorial Day, we deliver Last Rites to Christopher Alender’s 1999 quasi-slasher Memorial Day. I guess this is an entire slasher episode…that wasn’t planned. We read a few of your emails and tweets and we play some music from Black Flag, Bleeding Through and Vincent’s friends from Cleveland, Oh Vent.

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