Episode 46

Episode 46

This week on Exorcast we are taking a look at The Lost Realities of Hog Caller directed by Tom Richards sent to us by Wild Eye Releasing and Come And Get Me directed by Chris Sun which was sent to us by Alternative Cinema! It’s like the Aussie version of Last House on the Left! We have a hysterically fun interview with Adam Albrandt, Natalie Jean and Doug Sakmann from Cross Bearer! We also deliver Last Rites to Umberto Lenzi’s giallo Eyeball a.k.a. Secert Killer from 1975!


Episode 41: The Best & Worst of 2012

Episode 41

This week is our last show before the new year and we go out with a bang! Vincent and I give you our best and worst horror films of the year. I give my top eight album and Vincent gives you his top ten releases to pick up as well. We read some of your best and worst lists and give away a crappy dvd.