Episode 106

Episode 106

This week we are taking a look at Full Moon’s blu-ray releases of Ted Nicolaou’s 1991 Subspecies, 1993’s Bloodstone: Subspecies II and 1994’s Bloodlust: Subspecies III. We also talk a little about the fourth and why  it isn’t on BD (spoiler: we don’t know) and about how bad the so called 5th film Vampire Journals is and how it really has nothing to do with the series. We also bitch a bit about Turner Classic Movies Ghostbusters and Halloween set fiasco’s, Scream Factory’s newly announced titles and whether or not it’s too little too late for Arrow Video to open a US Distro.

Side note: We recorded late and I had been awake for about 20 hours so I forgot to read our emails and play the Dead Air bumper. I apologize and will get them back next week. Promise. Or just blame Chuck,

Episode 99

episode 99

This week on  Exorcast I am joined by Chuck Conry, Newsfinder couldn’t make it this time and Vincent…well no one expected him to show. This week we report the new Scream Factory news as it is announced live at SDCC. No, we aren’t there, but Chuck was hitting that refresh button every 4 seconds! This week we review Vinegar Syndrome’s blu-ray release of the Massage Parlor Murders, Wild Eye Releasing’s The Perfect House starring Felissa Rose and Full Moon’s 1992 classic Demonic Toys on blu-ray! We also have a review of the highly talked about Under The Skin starring Scarlett Johansson. The film she is naked in… not just a little bit naked, but a lot naked.

Episode 38: The 25 Day’s of Exorcast Part 2

Episode 38 xxxmas part 2

This week we continue our holiday horror watching guide with the second part of our 25 Days of Exorcast! This week we take a look at Jack Frost directed by Michael Cooney, Gingerdead Man directed by our good friend Charles Band, Don’t Open Til Christmas directed by Edmond Purdom. We also try to remember the horrible Pyscho Santa directed by Peter Keir & Satan Claus by Massimiliano Cerchi. We also review Satan Claws by John Russo, One Hell of a Christmas by Shaky Gonzolez, Elves directed Jefferey Mandel, Silent Night Bloody Night by Theodore Gershuny, To All a Goodnight by David Hess, Gremlins by Joe Dante and Silent Night Steven C Miller.

Looking back we forgot to mention A Christmas Season Massacre directed by Jeremy Wallace in 2001. This POS is about a kid who liked to pretend he was a pirate who was beat up and had one of his shoe stolen and all he wanted for Christmas was another shoe. So he got an eye patch instead. He grew up pissed and everyone made fun of him because he only had one shoe and the other foot was just in a sock. Yeah. So as an adult he wore a torn white tee shirt, ripped jeans and one shoe, but don’t forget his eye patch. Yeah, ol’ One Shoe Mcgrue started killing people. It wasn’t Christmas…it was summer and they were at a lake. A group of friends go up there to find him because he killed one of their pals. Are you following me? They are all unlikeable and annoying as shit. They all die.The End. Don’t watch, Casting it out!

Episode 32

Episode 32

Holy shit! We recorded a new show! This week we review Terror Train, Negative Happy Chain Saw Edge, Killjoy Goes to Hell & H.P. Lovecraft’s The Evil Clergyman. We also deliver Last Rites to Jeff Burr’s From A Whisper To A Scream!