Episode 18

Episode 18

On this weeks show we are reviewing Evan Makrogiannis and Brain Weaver’s The Turnpike Killer, Alexandre Bustillo and Julien Maury’s Livid and because of a listener email we review Joseph Zito’s The Prowler and Tony Maylam’s The Burning. We also deliver Last Rite’s to Tobe Hooper’s The Funhouse! We debate the greatest ever slasher film and Vincent get’s bitter that I am going on my honeymoon. This will be our last show until the first week of July so don’t get too depressed we will be back with a few films that really get you excited to be an American! Until then, the power of cast compels you!

Episode III

Episode III

On this week’s episode of Exorcast we are talking about Paul Lynch’s hidden gem of a slasher film Humongous that has finally been unearthed thanks for Scorpion, The Thing 2011 is it a remake or a prequel? Find out here. It is also a smut filled podcast with Malcolm McDowell’s role as Caligula and we take a look at Antonio Banderas’ newest film The Skin I Live In. We also deliver Last Rite’s to an Andreas Bethmann double feature of Angel of Death: Fuck or Die & Angel of Death 2: Women Behind Bars 4 – Escape From Prison.

We are going to make this a weekly podcast rather than every other, so I hope you all are as excited about it as we are!

Music played in this episode is Frightmare “Island of the Humongous” off their album Bringing Back the Bloodshed and Deadbeat At Dawn by the Renfields off their Stalk & Slash Splatterama 2: Exploitation Extravaganza Ep.

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Episode II

Episode II

On this weeks episode we discuss Tom Six’s The Human Centipede II: The Full Sequence, The Dead by The Ford Brothers, Joe Dante’s The Hole and we take a look at Shameless Entertainment’s new Cannibal Holocaust blu-ray. We also deliver Last Rite’s to Jean Rollin’s cult film The Grapes of Death. Vincent also tells you about some awesome things you can buy.

For region free and region hacking blu-ray players at bestbuy.com you can get one of three Insignia players NS-BRDVD4 or NS-BRDVD3 for $49.99 or (the one I own) the NS-WBRDVD2 (wifi) for $42.99. These are not region free out of the box, you have to upload an older firmware version you can find by searching the forms on bluray.com or just googling it. If you buy the wifi model I can email you a link to where I found mine.

also mentioned:
Killer Design (search ebay)

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Exorcast: Episode One

Epsiode_One Download

In the first episode of Exorcast, Vincent and I review Ti West’s new film THE INNKEEPERS, James Watkins’ THE WOMAN IN BLACK, Ben Wheatley’s KILL LIST and Dick Maas’ Dutch killer Santa Claus flick SINT (SAINT NICK). We also deliver the Last Rites to a forgotten Wes Cravin film and ramble about every thing else we can think of. If you have any questions for us be sure and email us at exorcast@gmail.com

To download the episode to your computer or smart phone use the link provided. For computer right click and select “Save Link As…” or “Save File As…”

Side Note: The sounds quality isn’t the greatest, but if you keep listening we promise to fix that very soon.