Ever wonder whats going in Twin Peaks nowadays?

So since they released out that amazing Twin Peaks box set, the rumors have been flying about a new movie, a new season, a new anything. Well ¬†earlier this month Lynch posted a tweet “Dear Twitter Friends: That gum you like is going to come back in style!” Of course we know that as aContinue reading “Ever wonder whats going in Twin Peaks nowadays?”

Episode 82

Episode 82 This week we have reviews for Synapse Films South Of Heaven directed by Jonathan Vara and the Australian revenge film The Horseman directed by Steven Kastrissios. We also have a special treat from Blue Underground, we have the blu-ray release of the controversial Snuff! It’s a shot show this week but next weekContinue reading “Episode 82”

Episode 68

Episode 68   This week we are back and better than ever! Big things happening on this show with the introduction to the News Finder General! We also review Chris Alexander’s Blood For Irina sent to us by Autonomy Pictures, Michael Kosakowski’s Zero Killed which was sent to us by Cult Epics and James Glickenhaus’Continue reading “Episode 68”