Episode 90

Episode 90-


***Alright guys, this episode was recorded before episode 89. This does not have Vincent on it due to his work schedule and our obligation to get through some of these screeners. It’s a bit rusty so bare with me. This was intended to be ep 89 so a few things are said in this one that will be repeat for you from the last episode.***


This week Chuck Conry and I tackle Hammer’s Frankenstein Created Woman directed by Terence Fisher, Thanatomorphose…yeah I cant pronounce it either…directed by Eric Falardeau and The Big Gundown directed by Sergio Sollima! Keep up with your stripper stories for last weeks contest and the winner should be announced next week!


Episode 88

Episode 88

Holy Crap! We are back!


We are very happy to be returning. This episode is a little different in that we recorded at V’s due to my hard drive crashing. So I didn’t really get a chance to edit anything so I do hope it sounds alright. This week we interview director/writer/actor Adam Gierasch (Toolbox Murders, Night of the Demons, Fractured). We had a blast with Adam so we hope you enjoy it. His phone service seemed to cut in and out so at times you may miss a word or two of his, but the bulk of it is there! We were on a deadline with this one so the interview comes first then our normal comes after it. So enjoy and come back next week to hear more from the tip of the fucking sword!