Episode 51

Episode 51 v.20

This week it’s all VHS talk! We take a look at Cult Movie Mania, Mondo Video, Vagrant Video and we have an interview with Don from The Video Pharmacy and discuss his first release RX01 Twisted Issues. We also interview Jason and David from Vultra Video and give a rundown of their releases thus far! We read a few emails and hear from our Cross Bearer pal Natalie Jean. Don’t forget to listen for a chance to win some DVDs on next weeks show thanks to DiabolikDVD and Mondo Macabro!


Episode 40

Episode 40

This week on the show we review Bloody, Bloody Bible Camp directed by Vito Trabucco, the super hyped up Miami Connection from Draft House Films directed by Y.K. Kim and Woo-sang Park, The Road (not that one) from the Philippines directed by Yam Laranas. We also deliver Last Rites to Black Out, a 1985 made for TV movie directed by Douglas Hickox! I implore you all to listen to the show through the ending music for a special treat from Vincent. Also, email us your top ten or top five horror films for the year and one of you will win a dvd from us! Happy Holidays from Exorcast!