Horror Section’s Season of The Witch EP Vinyl Review

Horror Section presents Season of the Witch

Eccentric Pop Records


Outside of the original, Halloween 3 is the most talked about and controversial film of the series. Even more than the Rob Zombie films. Those that hate Halloween 3, really hate Halloween 3. Those that love Halloween 3, really love Halloween 3. Thankfully horror punk band Horror Section loves the film, because they released a great EP based on the film.

Horror Section is a horror punk band hailing from Missouri. They have recorded songs based on such films as A Nightmare on Elm Street and The Prowler. Season of the Witch is their latest EP. It includes four songs each based around a different aspect of the film. Even cooler, the EP came with three different covers, each featuring one of the big Halloween three. That’s right, THREE horrific mask album covers to choose from.

FullSizeRender-2The album opens with the track They’re Coming. It’s an upbeat song about the end of the world, due to the evil Silver Shamrock corporation.The second track is titled Ellie, it’s told from the point of view of Dr. Challis. It’s a love song about meeting the was she or wasn’t she a robot all the time, Ellie

Side B is where the EP really cooks in my opinion. This side kicks off with the track Am I Human. While not as upbeat musically as the songs from side A, it is a great song nonetheless. Finally we close out with the best song of the EP, Behind the Mask. This is a pretty dark track lyrically, and the opening guitar riff really sets the tone. The EP came with a digital download, and this is the track I revisit the most.

I was unable to get the Prowler EP from Horror Section, so I was pleasantly surprised on how great the packaging was for Season of the Witch.

The records comes in three different colors for the three different masks, all part of final processing. Orange for the pumpkin, purple for the witch, and white for the skull. They were picked randomly, and luckily I got the one I really FullSizeRender-3wanted, the pumpkin cover (but any would have been great). The label on the EP features the Silver Shamrock Novelties logo on one side, and the magic pumpkin on the other. Also included is an insert featuring an ad for the Halloween masks on one side, and the lyrics on the reverse side.

Finally one last cool surprise, wear a Silver Shamrock mask and keep looking at the magic pumpkin as the EP plays. You will get a fun little trick. You can tell a lot of love and care went into the presentation of this EP, and that really ads to it. It shows the band really digs the film. Luckily the planets aligned for this EP to come out.  

If you are a punk fan and/or a fan of Halloween 3, you need Horror Section in your life. It’s good enough that you won’t be yelling “turn it off”, you’ll be yelling “turn it up!”

Here is link to a video for They’re Coming. Oh and….Happy Halloween.

Check out Horror Section on band camp: https://horrorsection.bandcamp.com

Eccentric Pop Records: eccentricpop.com and on Twitter @EccentricPop

-Dance Commander Matt Hatfield


I actually use a piece of Stonehenge as a preamp.

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