Episode 128

Episode 128

Back from the dead! Happy to be back and telling Chuck to shut up once more. In our first episode back we take a look at Arrow Video’s blu-ray release of The Mutilator and their box set Death Walks Twice (Death Walks On High Heels & Death Walks At Midnight). We talk about all sorts of things including the state of Exorcast and what we have been up too and also whats going on in the world of horror.

We also talk about our good friend James “Doc Terror” Harris and his diagnosis of cancer. We mention his Go Fund Me page that his friend started for him and here is the link. Please, if you can help out our friend and one of the best fucking horror reviewers on the web!

****there is a strange noise throughout this episode and I have no idea what it is. Sounds like a goddamn helicopter. Will try and get it fixed for the next episode. Sorry. Blame Chuck. #ShutUpChuck ***

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