An Update on Exorcast

So we are back and doing things a bit differently. As some of you know I had another child (daughter) so I had to take some time off for that and in all honestly as I told Chuck I was getting burnt out on having so many screeners and being obligated to review them in a certain span of time. All of my free time was coming down to things I had to watch rather than what I wanted to watch. So with that being said we will still be reviewing films and screeners just not as many companies. We will be reviewing films we actually want to review. That doesn’t mean that we won’t be diving into the indie scene any longer, because let’s face it a lot of the best new stuff is on the indie market.   
So the podcast will be back in action with Chuck and myself and the Newsfinder whenever he is available. We plan on doing more interviews on the show to change it up a bit and already have a few lined up. The show will not be weekly any longer as I have much less time on my hands now. So to keep you guys coming back between shows we will be doing some written reviews, conversation topics and interviews on the site. The Newsfinder General, Deadrat & myself will be writing reviews. I have enlisted The Dance Commander Matt Hatfield to be our official vinyl reviewer, so he will be bringing you all the horror wax out there. I have also given Adam Ahlbrandt (The Cemetery/Hunters) free reign to do whatever he wants! Adam has been a big supporter of ours since we started this thing and I’m very happy that he wants to be apart of our new venture. 

I will try and have some sort of new content on the site every other day or so. I do appreciate everyone’s patience with this and look forward to starting up again later this month! 
See you all soon,

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