Episode 106

Episode 106

This week we are taking a look at Full Moon’s blu-ray releases of Ted Nicolaou’s 1991 Subspecies, 1993’s Bloodstone: Subspecies II and 1994’s Bloodlust: Subspecies III. We also talk a little about the fourth and why  it isn’t on BD (spoiler: we don’t know) and about how bad the so called 5th film Vampire Journals is and how it really has nothing to do with the series. We also bitch a bit about Turner Classic Movies Ghostbusters and Halloween set fiasco’s, Scream Factory’s newly announced titles and whether or not it’s too little too late for Arrow Video to open a US Distro.

Side note: We recorded late and I had been awake for about 20 hours so I forgot to read our emails and play the Dead Air bumper. I apologize and will get them back next week. Promise. Or just blame Chuck,

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