Scream Factory Reveal Art for Squirm!

So I really dig the new art work, but I am happy they are including the original one sheet artwork as the reverse. Thankfully they arent going with that shitty MGM art.

From the Scream Factory Facebook:


**ARTWORK REVEAL for SQUIRM (Collector’s Edition)**

Check out our newly-designed artwork for the upcoming blu-ray Collector’s Edition Jeff Lieberman’s 70s cult classic SQUIRM which is scheduled to drop in October! Credit for this wonderful wormy vision goes to designer Paul Shipper (who just recently came through on the upcoming Halloween Complete Collection set). Fans of the original Drew Struzan theatrical one-sheet design need not worry as it will be available on the reverse side of the wrap.

Expect pre-order links to go up in the next few weeks.Extras are underway and will be announced sometime later this Summer.

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