Cross Bearer DVD Pre-Order is LIVE!

If you head on over to TOETAG Pictures web store here you can pre-order the single disc DVD of Adam Ahlbrandt’s CROSS BEARER! Pre orders will end on June 30th 2014. Pre-order price is $20, once pre-order is over price will jump to $25 so hurry up and get it!


From the official TOETAG store:

TOETAG is proud to announce our second release of 2014, Adam Ahlbrandt’s, Cross Bearer in a Signed Special Edition DVD. Adam is a true visionary in the underground and we are happy to have him, and his film, Cross Bearer part of the TOETAG Family.

Limited to 1,666 copies this Cross Bearer DVD is jammed packed with over 2 ½ hours of special features.

Signed by Adam Ahlbrandt and Natalie Jean

Pre-Orders will run through June 30th and will ship by July 15th

The pre-order price is $20. Regular price is $25

Everyone who pre-orders has a chance to win one of the upcoming Cross Bearer 666 Definitive Two Disc Set DVDS. This set will be limited to 666 copies and will have over 4 hours of special features. You win if you find one of the 6 lucky dollar bills signed by Adam hidden in the DVDS. These special dollar bills will be turned in for corrosponding numbers 13, 69, 138, 187, 420, and 666 of the 666 Definitive Two Disc Set once it is released. We do not have a release date set yet.

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