Let Full Moon Decapitate You!

So Full Moon has a crazy new contest going up for their new streaming platform called Trophy Heads. In Trophy Heads an extreme fanatic kidnaps down all of his favorite aging scream queen’s and makes them reenact their old film roles. I personally think the trailer and the idea look pretty awesome. So why not let Charlie Band and his team cut your head off and mount it?

Read below for the actual press release, rules and prizes


Full Moon Features is gearing up to launch its first ever original series, TROPHY HEADS, beginning June 4th with new weekly episodes. It’s the chilling tale of all of your favorite scream queens meeting their biggest fan…and their doom!

To celebrate, Full Moon is going to cut off your head and mount it for you! Simply submit a close-up photo of yourself (No larger than 1000 X 1000 pixels) to:

submit@fullmoonfeatures.comWe’ll send you a custom decapitated Trophy Head version of your own face!
Remember to include YOUR NAME! 

Trophy Heads


You will be automatically entered to win “Head of the Week” contest once you change your Facebook profile picture to depict your gruesome demise and link to FullMoonStreaming.com. This contest will run through July 31st, culminating with one Grand Prize Winner! 

ONE GRAND PRIZE winner will receive:

– ReAnimation Blade Replica (worth $200!)

-A signed script of Trophy Heads with signatures from all the actors and director (worth $50!)
-Over 20 Full Moon films listed below that these legendary Scream Queens have appeared in. (worth over $200!)

Linnea Quigley
Full Moon Movies: Beach Babes from Beyond, Creepozoids, Fairy Tales, Auditions

Brinke Stevens
Full Moon Movies: Delta Delta Die!, Slave Girls From Beyond Infinity

Michelle Bauer
Full Moon Movies: BlondeHeaven (aka Morgana), Timegate: Tales of the Saddle Tramps, Gingerdead Man 2: Passion of the Crust

Darcy DeMoss
Full Moon Movies: Forbidden Zone: Alien Abduction

Denice Duff
Full Moon Movies: Subspecies II-IV, Vampire Resurrection

Jacqueline Lovell
Full Moon Movies: Virtual Encounters, Femalien, Head of the Family, Hideous!, The Exotic House of Wax, Lolida 2000, The Killer Eye, Auditions from Beyond


PLUS 10 RUNNER UPS will receive: 

A signed script of Trophy Heads AND a signed issue of Delirium Magazine with over a dozen celebrity signatures!



It’s the present day, and our heroines, real life Scream Queens who starred in those infamous movies back in the 80’s and 90’s, have gone on with their lives since those days, some still acting or in new businesses of their own. What none of them suspect is that somewhere, down in the basement of an old house, an obsessed fan, Max, sits in the dark, watching clips from those movies over and over, his obsession growing into a diabolical plan. Soon, Max, with the help of his neurotically enabling mother, begins to put his plan into effect.

Six Scream Queens are on our mad fan’s list: Linnea Quigley, Brinke Stevens, Michelle Bauer, Denice Duff, Jacqueline Lovell, and Darcy DeMoss.

One by one, with his mother’s help, he begins to “collect” them, transporting them to a makeshift prison he’s set up in his basement. The Scream Queens have no idea what’s going on, until they find themselves forced to re-enact movie scenes from their horror heyday, a nightmarish process since Max remembers every line and gesture and they haven’t watched them in years. And they definitely don’t remember the new and terrible outcome of the scenes. Their numbers rapidly dwindle down as their attempts to escape are revealed as booby traps designed to ensnare and kill them, their heads attached to trophy plaques and mounted on a wall.

Things take a twisted turn as the disembodied heads start speaking to Max. Why is he doing this? What have they ever done to him?

Because he loves them! They’re the only girls he’s ever loved. And they’re being forgotten. Cast aside. But see? He’s going to preserve them. Keep them alive the way they were meant to be. And share their heads – soon to be preserved forever with all the fans who loved them.

It’s a battle to the finish as our favorite Scream Queens fight for their lives. Who will survive, and who will lose their head?


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