The Green Inferno Theatrical Poster Unveiled

Earlier today Eli Roth unveiled the theatrical poster for his upcoming cannibal film The Green Inferno. I for one am looking forward to this, especially since Aftershock and Hemlock Grove both of which he produced were so terrible. I have personally enjoyed all the the films Roth has directed himself so hopefully this wont let me down.

The Green Inferno hits theaters September 5th












Adam Ahlbrandt’s Cross Bearer gets analog treatment from Massacre Video

So Adam’s film Cross Bearer that we hold in high regards is finally getting a proper release from Massacre Video. Still no DVD or Blu-ray has been announced, but guests of this June’s Days of the Dead convention in Indianapolis will get first crack at this tape that will be limited to 100.










Episode 92

Episode 92


This week I am joined by Jeff from The Dead Air Podcast and we take a look at some VOD films. First up is E. L. Katz’ Cheap Thrills, Jeremy Saulnier’s Blue Ruin and Joe Begos’ Almost Human. We also touch a little bit on Gareth Edwards’s new blockbuster, Godzilla!

Episode 91

Episode 91

** I say Wild Eye Entertainment instead of Wild Eye Releasing in the intro. I apologize for not catching that before posting it.**

Normally I would say we are back, but we are not. I am back and this week and am joined once again by Mr. Chuck Conry of This week we are taking a look at Synapse films bluray release of Radley Metzger’s The Image and the DVD release of Michael Masters & David J. Francis’ Reel Zombies. We also have reviews for Grand Entertainment Groups release of John V. Knowles horror comedy Chastity Bites and Wild Eye Releasing’s new slasher Scream Park directed by Cary Hill. We also play a few tracks from One Way Static’s release of Wes Cravin’s The Last House on the Left soundtrack and talk a bit about that.

Episode 90

Episode 90-


***Alright guys, this episode was recorded before episode 89. This does not have Vincent on it due to his work schedule and our obligation to get through some of these screeners. It’s a bit rusty so bare with me. This was intended to be ep 89 so a few things are said in this one that will be repeat for you from the last episode.***


This week Chuck Conry and I tackle Hammer’s Frankenstein Created Woman directed by Terence Fisher, Thanatomorphose…yeah I cant pronounce it either…directed by Eric Falardeau and The Big Gundown directed by Sergio Sollima! Keep up with your stripper stories for last weeks contest and the winner should be announced next week!