Episode 91

Episode 91

** I say Wild Eye Entertainment instead of Wild Eye Releasing in the intro. I apologize for not catching that before posting it.**

Normally I would say we are back, but we are not. I am back and this week and am joined once again by Mr. Chuck Conry of ZombiesDontRun.net. This week we are taking a look at Synapse films bluray release of Radley Metzger’s The Image and the DVD release of Michael Masters & David J. Francis’ Reel Zombies. We also have reviews for Grand Entertainment Groups release of John V. Knowles horror comedy Chastity Bites and Wild Eye Releasing’s new slasher Scream Park directed by Cary Hill. We also play a few tracks from One Way Static’s release of Wes Cravin’s The Last House on the Left soundtrack and talk a bit about that.

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