Episode 57


This week we take the sleaze to an all new level and pretty much just straight up review some pornos! No, seriously…we review some porn. This week we are review Driller: A Sexual Thriller directed by Joyce James which was sent to us by Wild Eye, Psycho Holocaust directed by Krist Rufty and Baise-Moi (Fuck Me) directed by Virginie Despentes and Coralie sent to us from Arrow Video. For last rites we take a look at one of Massacre Video’s newer titles Blood Angel 2 a.k.a. Donald Farmer’s Savage Vengeance, the unofficial sequel to I Spit On Your Grave! We also read your emails, open up some special gifts that Deadrat picked us up over in Italia and we announce our last contest for some Mondo Macabro titles from DiabolikDVD! Oh yeah, we talk a lot about the band Ghost and their newest album Infestissumam.

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