Episode 12

Episode 12

This week we review Mike Flanagan’s Absentia, Eric England’s Madison County, Darren Lynn Bousman’s Mother’s Day and Christopher Witherspoon’s Rage. Thanks to Chuck Conry from Zombie’s Don’t Podcast for sending us the screener of Rage… We give Last Rites to Stefan Svahn’s German Splatter flick Blutrausch: Gefangen Im Haus Des Grauens (Blood Rage: Trapped In The House of Horror). We also pay our respects to James Isaac (6/5/60 – 5/6/12) director of Jason X, Maurice Sendak (6/10/28 – 5/8/12) children’s author (Where The Wild Things Are) and Adam Yauch (8/5/64 – 5/4/12) also know as MCA and Nathanial Hornblower of the Beastie Boys. Music on this weeks episode is all B Boys. We play Beastie Boys from the album Some Old Bullshit, Sure Shot, Sabotage and Root Down from Ill Communication.

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One thought on “Episode 12

  1. Just listened to the podcast. Thanks for watching the film. Sorry you guys didn’t dig some things in the film.. Some people love it, some people don’t. Just how it goes. I think the sequel will be more in line of what you’re looking for. Always planned for it that way.

    Thanks again for checking it out.

    -Eric England

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