Episode 666

Episode 666

On this week’s episode we travel to the depths of hell to preform exorcisms on some evil, vile satanic films; Michael Armstong’s Mark of the Devil, Ovidio G. Assonitis and Robert Barrett’s Beyond the Door, Mariano Baino’s Dark Waters and a Michele Soavi double feature with The Sect and The Church. Also, we deliver Last Rites to Mario Bianchi’s Satan’s Baby Doll (La bimba di Satana).

Also mentioned;
http://www.import-films.com for all your import horror needs including Satan’s Baby Doll!

Trailers for
Adam Chaplin
Chris Witherspoon’s Rage

Those fools over at Zombies Don’t Podcast!
http://www.zombiesdontrun.net for all your ZDP and Cannibal Kitchen needs!

***Side note Vincent mentions Rutger Hower charging an arm and a leg for a autograph and photo at this past weekends Horror Hound convention and he was in fact told wrong. It was another convention in another state all together. ***

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