Episode IV: Open House

Episode IV- Open House

We do apologize that we had some mic problems with the first segment of the episode, but oddly enough it worked itself out as we went on. So just bare with us at first. Thanks.

On this week’s episode Vincent and I are reviewing Joseph Ellison’s Video Nasty Don’t Go In The House, Ho-Cheung Pang’s Dream Home, Chris Kentis and Laura Lau’s new film The Silent House and Jake West’s Doghouse. We will also be giving Last Rites to Umberto Lenzi’s less popular Ghosthouse.

Also mentioned on this episode are our friends over at Zombies Don’t Run you can check Chuck’s site out at zombiesdontrun.net
and you can hear him and The Unprofessional Professional Goob at Zombies don’t Podcast
You can also check out the wonderful Shannon Rullo over at ZDR’s Cannibal Kitchen here http://zombiesdontrun.blogspot.com/search/label/Cannibal%20Kitchen
and pick up her new book here Cannibal Kitchen: A Horror Lovers Cook Book

Last but not least Vincent mentioned a Snow Beast poster you can pick up here Snow Beast Poster

Once again Thanks for listening.


Any questions can be sent into exorcast@gmail.com

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