Episode III

Episode III

On this week’s episode of Exorcast we are talking about Paul Lynch’s hidden gem of a slasher film Humongous that has finally been unearthed thanks for Scorpion, The Thing 2011 is it a remake or a prequel? Find out here. It is also a smut filled podcast with Malcolm McDowell’s role as Caligula and we take a look at Antonio Banderas’ newest film The Skin I Live In. We also deliver Last Rite’s to an Andreas Bethmann double feature of Angel of Death: Fuck or Die & Angel of Death 2: Women Behind Bars 4 – Escape From Prison.

We are going to make this a weekly podcast rather than every other, so I hope you all are as excited about it as we are!

Music played in this episode is Frightmare “Island of the Humongous” off their album Bringing Back the Bloodshed and Deadbeat At Dawn by the Renfields off their Stalk & Slash Splatterama 2: Exploitation Extravaganza Ep.

You can follow us on Twitter @renfields and @xdubyahx and if you have any questions please send them to exorcast@gmail.com

Thanks for listening,

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