Episode II

Episode II

On this weeks episode we discuss Tom Six’s The Human Centipede II: The Full Sequence, The Dead by The Ford Brothers, Joe Dante’s The Hole and we take a look at Shameless Entertainment’s new Cannibal Holocaust blu-ray. We also deliver Last Rite’s to Jean Rollin’s cult film The Grapes of Death. Vincent also tells you about some awesome things you can buy.

For region free and region hacking blu-ray players at bestbuy.com you can get one of three Insignia players NS-BRDVD4 or NS-BRDVD3 for $49.99 or (the one I own) the NS-WBRDVD2 (wifi) for $42.99. These are not region free out of the box, you have to upload an older firmware version you can find by searching the forms on bluray.com or just googling it. If you buy the wifi model I can email you a link to where I found mine.

also mentioned:
Killer Design (search ebay)

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