NEKROMANTIK 2 Coming to Blu-ray & DVD!

Jorg Buttgereit’s NEKROMANTIK 2 Premieres on Blu-ray and new DVD February 10, 2015


NEKROMANTIK 2 The Return of the Loving Dead

From director Jorg Buttgereit comes Nekromantik 2, the gore horror sequel to his 1987 classic Nekromantik (now available thru Cult Epics.) Monika (Monika M.) is a beautiful necrophiliac who lives alone in Berlin. By day she works as a nurse. By night she prowls through cemeteries while searching for fresh corpses. When she reads about the suicide of Rob (Nekromantik’s Daktari Lorenz) she finds his grave to dig up his body and brings it home. Mark (Mark Reeder) lives across town and makes his living dubbing “sex films”. After meeting Monika, romance blossoms and they fall in love. But all is not well in Monika’s world. Her relationship with Mark begins to falter and she has to make a final choice between loving the living or the dead. Officially banned in Germany for years upon release, Cult Epics is proud to present Nekromantik 2, Uncut and Uncensored in a new High Definition transfer, with new Bonus Features including new work by Buttgereit. First 5000 Blu-ray copies (2000 DVDs) include original collectible new artwork of Nekromantik 2 by Johnny Ryan & Nekrophilia gore photo of Monika M.



Price:                                    $34.95 (Blu-ray) / $29.95 (DVD)

Street Date:                              February 10, 2015

Production Year:                  1991

Film run time:                      Approx. 104 minutes

Bonus features run time:         Approx. 4 ½ hours

Language:                             German language with optional English subtitles

Aspect Ratio:                          1.33:1

Audio:                                    Dolby Digital 2.0 Stereo/Dolby Digital 5.1 Surround/Original Mono

Label:                                    Cult Epics

Distributor:                            CAV

DVD Catalog Number           CE-132

DVD UPC:                     881190013298

Blu-ray Catalog Number         CE-133

BD UPC:                                881190013397

Rating:                                   Not Rated



New Director’s Approved HD transfer (taken from the original 16mm negative)

New Introduction by Jorg Buttgereit (2014)

Audio Commentary by Jorg Buttgereit, co-author Franz Rodenkirchen, and actors Monika M. and Mark Reeder

The Making of Nekromantik 2

Still Photo Gallery

JB Trailers

Original Motion Picture Soundtrack

Original Motion Picture Soundtrack (2011) Live

20th Anniversary Live Concert performed by Monika M. and Friends – Video (2011)

A Moment of Silence At the Grave of Ed Gein, Short film by Jorg Buttgereit (2012)

Half Girl – Lemmy, I’m A Feminist, Music video by Jorg Buttgereit (2014)


Episode 116

Episode 116

This week we are back to pick on Chuck some more, no we don’t give his personal email out again, but if you want you can go back to last weeks show and get it. This week Chuck rants about something, I don’t recall what and Newsfinder goes off on one of the films. The films this week are Wild Eye’s newest DVD for Bill Oberst Jr’s Coyote, Blue Undergrounds blu-ray of Going Under and The Period from SRS Cinema.


Next week Rob Hauschild of Wild Eye Releasing’s will be on the show with us, so if you have any questions (pertaining to Morbid or not) please email them to, hit us up on twitter or facebook!

Episode 115

Episode 115

Alright, after a nice delay with work and family problems we are here in 2015 to give you our best of lists from 2014! Yes! The day you have all been waiting for! I am joined with Chuck and the Newsfinder General and Chuck says something stupid and I give out his email address so you can address all your hate mail out to him. Enjoy!

Announcing: Indiegogo Campaign for


We’re Proud to Announce our Indiegogo Campaign for!

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Motivational Growth coming to DVD and Blu-ray on February 17


Ian Folivor, a depressed and reclusive 30-something, finds himself taking advice from a growth in his bathroom after a failed suicide attempt. The Mold, a smooth talking fungus who was born of the filth collecting in a corner of Ian’s neglected bathroom, works to win Ian’s trust by helping him clean himself up and remodel his lifestyle.

With The Mold’s help, Ian attracts the attention of a neighbor he’s been ogling through his peephole, Leah, and he manages to find a slice of happiness despite his unnatural circumstances. But Ian starts to receive strange messages from his old and broken down TV set that make him realize that The Mold may not be as helpful as it seems to be, and strange characters combined with stranger events cast Ian’s life in the shadow of an epic battle between good and evil that Ian is only partially aware of.


Episode 114

Episode 114

Happy Holidays from us here at Exorcast! This is our last show of 2014. It’s been a good year, lots of changes have happened to the show and I am happy that you guys still listen! This week Chuck and I are once again reunited with the News Finder General and together we tackle a few films including the strangest Christmas film we’ve ever seen. First up we have The Nostril Picker (a.k.a. The Changer) from Massacre Video and Sonno Profondo (a.k.a. Deep Sleep) a new artsy giallo that went under the radar. Finally we have a strange little holiday film called Blood Beat that has rednecks, deer hunting and a ghost samurai in it. I am not kidding. Shit’s strange. With all the deer, trees and rednecks though, Chuck feels right at home with it. So enjoy and thanks for continuing to support us over the years. We will be back in January with our best of show for 2014!

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Episode 113

Episode 113

It’s that time of the week again! It’s time for me to talk about movies and make fun of Chuck! Yesss!!! This week we have a great line up of films! We have a great Vinegar Syndrome double feature with Edward D. Murphy’s Raw Force and Theodore Gershuny’s Sugar Cookies both on blu-ray! Sugar Cookies was actually written by Lloyd Kaufman…I may have just found the one thing I truly love that he has had a hand in. Last but not least we have The Swimmer from Grindhouse Releasing! This is one hell of a strange movie. We also mention a few other films we have recently seen like The Babbadook, Willow Creek and Horns.